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Swing Bed

Contact Information:

Chris Pieper, licensed social worker
Phone: 218-634-3450

Joan Baade, director of nursing
Phone: 218-634-5373

Swing Bed

The swing bed program at CHI LakeWood Health is designed for patients who are recovering from major surgery, stroke, trauma or prolonged hospitalization. Patients admitted to the swing bed program are under the care of skilled nurses and medical providers, who monitor their progress. Patients have access to a registered dietitian and a wide range of therapy services.

Patients scheduled for surgery are encouraged to learn more about the swing bed program ahead of their procedure. For more information, speak with your medical provider or call Chris Pieper, licensed social worker at 218-634-3450.

Services available to swing bed patients:
Nutritional therapy
IV antibiotics
Wound care
Pain management
Physical, occupational and speech therapy

Those admitted to the swing bed program must be eligible for Medicare and have had a minimum three-day stay in a hospital. Other patients with private health insurance coverage may be admitted to the swing bed program with pre-authorization from their insurer.