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Stacey Johnson, therapy services director

Therapy Services

CHI LakeWood Health Therapy Services offer physical and occupational therapy on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Helping patients achieve their highest level of function following illness, injury, surgery or other causes. Each patient is assessed and an individualized program is developed depending on their particular needs and potential. Patients are an active partner in their rehabilitation. Activities are designed to promote and encourage the patients’ return to as normal and full a life as possible. Exercises, therapeutic treatments and patient education help the patient by decreasing pain and improving conditions.

Physical therapy (neck, back and lower extremity) works with patients on the evaluation and treatment of:
Epley’s maneuver
Compression stocking
Ultrasound, electrical stimulation and traction
Exercise – stretching, strengthening, conditioning, coordination and balance

Occupational therapy (cognition and upper extremity) works with patients on the evaluation and treatment of:
Exercise – strengthening, conditioning and coordination
Activities of daily living
Cognitive assessments
Ultrasound, electrical stimulation
Wheelchair assessment
Infant feeding