Contact Information:
Phone Number: 218-634-3433

Patti Davidson, BSN, registered nurse
Rachael Raschke, registered nurse

Diabetes Resource Center

CHI LakeWood Health provides diabetes education on an outpatient basis.  Our goal is to put you in charge of your diabetes and not let it control your life! Registered Nurses have been educated to provide guidance on:
Diabetic medications (oral and insulin)
Exercise (aerobic, weights, stretching and balance)
Glucometer use
Diet and carbohydrate counting
Continuous glucose monitoring
Insulin pumps

LakeWood also offers a program for patients with diagnosed pre-diabetes.  I CAN Prevent Diabetes promotes two simple lifestyle changes – exercise and eating habits.  The program has been 58% successful in preventing diabetes!  Referrals for this program come from your medical provider.  Contact us for information on the next class sessions.